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Glencairn, built between 1928 and 1939, was the home of the Raymond and Mildred Pitcairn family for forty years. Pitcairn designed Glencairn as a Romanesque-style “castle” for his outstanding collection of medieval objects, purchased as inspirational models for the artists working on Bryn Athyn Cathedral. Influenced by the American Arts and Crafts Movement, Pitcairn established on-site workshops to produce handcrafted works of art for both the Cathedral and Glencairn. Visitors experience a wealth of handcrafted creations in stone, wood, stained glass, and mosaic.

Today Glencairn serves as a museum of religious art and history. Visitors explore beliefs and practices through renowned art collections, including ancient Egyptian, ancient Greek and Roman, medieval Christian, Islamic, Asian, and American Indian. Pitcairn’s collection of medieval stained glass and sculpture is considered to be one of the country's finest.

Glencairn Museum is a member of the Bryn Athyn Historic District, a National Historic Landmark.


This award-winning 30-minute documentary film features spectacular aerial photography, rare archival footage, and historic photographs. Watch it online by clicking on the link below.